Copy of a letter to Attorney General Brian Frost

Copy of a letter to Attorney General Brian Frost. I believe the best way for us to get relief from the airport noise is through the legal action by the Maryland Attorney General. I have included a copy of my letter in this post. Maryland state Attorney General Brian Frosh 200 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202 Dear Attorney General Frosh, I strongly support your decision to take legal action against the FAA (NextGen Air traffic control system). I want to make you are aware of airplane noise in my community (Accokeek (CDP) which is located 12 miles south of Reagan National airport. We the residents of Accokeek would like to be included in your legal action to get relief from the courts. The Federal Aviation Administration decision to create a waypoint for Aircraft landing at National Reagan Airport at Bryans road (CDP) Maryland has resulted in an extreme increase in noise over Accokeek Maryland. I live in Accokeek Maryland a community located in the South East part of Prince George’s county less than a mile from the FAA waypoint at Bryan road. I have lived in  Accokeek Maryland since 1993 (26 years). The residents of Accokeek are experiencing intolerable noise due to the FAA NextGen choice of flight paths. When I moved here there was no airport noise. The noise started in 2016 and has gotten worse with time. This increased noise was caused by the FAA decisions to implement the NextGen program. When Regan implemented North landing the noise from overhead aircraft is constant from approximately 6 am until midnight. On some days I can hear the noise from aircraft and frequently have counted approximately 149 aircraft a day at altitudes of 1,700 feet to 2,500 feet and at a distance .01 miles to 3 miles from my house. Every day some aircraft cross the river from Virginia the Aircraft navigate to the Brandywine waypoint and then circle over Accokeek right or left to line up to go down the river to land at National Reagan Airport. The aircraft slowed to approximate less than 200 miles per hour and descend to approximately less than 2500 feet. Every day some aircraft cross the river from Virginia and travel south then turn around and come up through Accokeek a second time. The aircraft low altitude and low speed increase the intensity and duration of aircraft noise over Accokeek. I believe the constant aircraft noise will lower the property value of Accokeek residences. There is research that indicates low flying jet engine aircraft emissions may affect the health of those in close proximity. I have filed numerous legitimate documented complaints with the FAA. From my research, the FAA use complaints to decide where to place aircraft landing routes. Included in this letter is an attachment that shows data for a day of aircraft traffic. The attachment lists the altitude and distance from my home of overhead aircraft. If you need people who reside in Accokeek who are affected by the noise from the FAA NextGen air traffic control system to testify and/or to give a deposition, I will be happy to volunteer to participate in your legal action against the FAA. Sincerely,

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