We want the FAA to use its satellite technology to revert to the flight paths of the pre-NextGen routes

The residents of Accokeek, Fort Washington, Bensville and Bryans Road are experiencing intolerable noise due to the FAA NextGen choice of flight paths. When I moved here, there was no airport noise.  In the past three years, there has been a deterioration in our quality of life caused by the loud noise and emissions from jet engines from the numerous aircraft that fly over our communities every day. We can no longer enjoy our outdoor activities, sunrooms, patios, cookouts and summer events.
The noise started in 2014 and has gotten worse with time. This increased noise was caused by the FAA decisions to implement the NextGen program. The FAA has become a government agency controlled by the Airlines. The FAA is using its discretionary power to save the Airlines money and pushing the cost to our communities. For every dollar the Airline save with NextGen we pay a cost, lower property values and problems with our health. Four communities that have the greatest excessive aircraft noise are:
  1. Accokeek (CDP) population 10,000 people
  2. Fort Washington (CDP) population 23,717 people
  3. Bensville (CDP) Maryland population11,000 people
  4. Bryans Road (CDP) Maryland population11,000 people
Accokeek was a very good place to live, quiet, uncrowded, plenty of green space, a good quality of life. I have lived in Accokeek Maryland since 1993 (26 years). I, like many of my neighbors, moved here because Accokeek was a good place to live. Accokeek is in the South East part of Prince George’s County. Accokeek CDP is a community of over 10,000 people. The median income is $126,961. The medium property value is $371,417. For several years home values in Accokeek have appreciated over 6% a year.
During the 26 years I have been in my home I have invested a significant amount of money to improve my home. Like most middle-class homeowners I intended to take the equity from my home and use it to pay for expenses in my golden years.
Due to decisions by the FAA, commercial airliners frequently fly over my house every few minutes from 6:00 a.m. to midnight at altitudes below 3,000 feet.  This constant aircraft noise has reduced the equity in my home significantly. This constant noise from low-lying aircraft may prevent me from selling my house. 

I am not the only person who is negatively affected by NextGen airport noise; this problem affects thousands of people in Accokeek Maryland. I believe in a democracy the government should not be able to take property (reduced the equity in your home) without fair compensation or due process. The FAA (North Flow Arrivals) arbitrarily created aircraft flight paths over my home for aircraft landing at Reagan National Airport. This decision was made with no notice, no noise or health studies. This decision was made by a bunch of bureaucrats who probably have worked for the airlines in the past and will probably work for the airlines in the future. The FAA only took into consideration how their decisions will impact the airline’s profits and airlines passengers’ comfort. The FAA did not consider the people on the ground in Accokeek. Accokeek citizens health are severely impacted, and their property values are significantly reduced.

We the residents of Accokeek, Fort Washington, Bensville and Bryans Road would like to get relief from the FAA mandated D.C. Metroplex North Flow Arrivals. We want the FAA to use its satellite technology to revert to the flight paths of the pre-NextGen routes. We believe this is an equitable solution since Accokeek has never had noise from air traffic. 

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