If you love your children, love your spouse and love your self you should read this article.

Please read this article: 

 April 09, 2019 (CNN) Air pollution is deadly:  

“A new study links exposure to it to more than 107,000 premature deaths in the United States in 2011.It isn’t just killing us; it cost the country $866 billion, more than double the value of all the economic activity in a country like Ireland, according to the study, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.Particulate matter, or particle pollution, is the mix of solid and liquid droplets floating in the air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It can come in the form of dirt, dust, soot or smoke. Particulate pollution comes from coal- and natural gas-fired plants. Cars, agriculture, unpaved roads, construction sites and wildfires can also create it.” 



If you love your children, love your spouse and love your self you should read this article. Out of self-interest, you should get involved in organized opposition to the FAA implementation of the D.C. metroplex Regan North landing. The noise from overhead aircraft is constant on most days from approximately 6 am until midnight. The FAA direct over Accokeek approximately 70,000 aircraft a year using the north flow arrivals, approximately 200 airplanes a day. Most aircraft fly at an altitude of fewer than 2,500 feet. Research indicates this emission from aircraft jet engines travels as far as 10 miles in every direction.
“The Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment is a research lab in the MIT Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics.”
“Air pollution is responsible for millions of early deaths each year, and every human activity – from manufacturing to agriculture, to aviation – plays its part in this problem. As aviation grows as an industry, so too will the effect it has on air quality. Under existing conditions, aircraft emissions are thought to be responsible for around ten thousand premature deaths per year.”

One thought on “If you love your children, love your spouse and love your self you should read this article.”

  1. DC, nearby counties receive a failing grade for healthy air


    By Rachel Nania | @NaniaWTOPApril 24, 2019 12:35 am

    “Oppressive heat and high humidity settle in over the Washington skyline as record-breaking temperatures and ozone-laden haze… The D.C. area is used to earning high marks on health ranking reports, but when it comes to the health of the air, the region is failing.
    The annual State of the Air report, released by the American Lung Association on Wednesday, ranks the Washington-Baltimore region as the 16th most ozone-polluted city in the U.S. Both Arlington and Fairfax, Virginia, received an “F” for the number of high ozone days that occurred between 2015 and 2017; Loudoun County and Prince William County both got “Cs.”
    In Maryland, Prince George’s County, Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County failed the ozone test; Montgomery County and Carroll County received “Ds.” The District, which had 14 high-ozone days in the three-year span, also received an “F.”


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