Aircraft Noise and Pollution

As a result of the FAA NextGen program, aircraft traffic has been diverted to southern Prince Georges County.  The inhabitants of this area are being exposed to intolerable noise from the numerous flights into DCA (Over 800 per day).  Not only are they victimized by this noise, they are additionally subjected to the contaminants that are emanated from these aircraft. Many of these chemicals have been determined to cause severe health impacts and also pollute rivers, dams, lakes and the environment.

In adding pain to injury, the other problem that these citizens are confronted with is a reduction of their property values.  The Accokeek and Bryans Road area has a large minority population and consists of roughly 10,000 people.  why did the FAA redirect air traffic from Montgomery County and Northern Va. to this area?

When we purchased our homes many years ago and over the years we have made numerous improvements to increase our equity, what right does the government have to reduce the value of our properties.  I consider it a illegal taking.   Please contact your local, state and federal officials to demonstrate your displeasure and also please file your noise complaints to the DCA officials.









Excessive noise from Aircraft


On or about 2016, the FAA authorized the redirection of Aircraft from neighboring jurisdictions to the southern part of PG MD.

This egregious action causes unprecedented noise and aggravation to homeowners in the affected path.

Please complain to your local politicians as well as state officials to demonstrate your displeasure.

New NextGen approaches to DCAdca_south_flow_regional_03aug2015_hoch_18aug2015_0 (1)