Reduction of property value

Intolerable noise

Health hazards

On or about 2016, the FAA approved a new flight control system called NextGen. This system was designed ostensibly to save money for the airlines by providing more efficient flight paths that would allow the airlines to increase their profit. For this area, the result of this was to redirect flights from Northern Virginia to Prince George’s County. Also, the traffic from the east is typically routed also to the Accokeek, Bryans Road area.

DCA (Reagan National) handles more than 800 flights per day. These flights produce intolerable noise to the residents located in their flight paths. Additionally, they also contribute significant amounts of harmful pollution that is detrimental to the health of those in the new flight paths.

More importantly, as a result of the aircraft noise and increased pollution, the property values of homes in the impacted area has been and will continue to be diminished. We are being harmed thru no fault of our own.

This petition is to lobby both the FAA and state and local officials to demand that the original flight paths be adhered to. If the homeowners in the affected areas purchased their homes knowing that this problem did not exist and additionally because of the peace and quiet, why now thru no fault of their own should they endure these repercussions?

Please consider writing and emailing both the FAA and your state and local officials (delegates, Senators, council) to voice your discontent regarding the unfair change in flight paths. Additionally, be sure to report your noise observations of aircraft to the FAA.

Plane Exhaust

Plane Exhaust
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